[Ho Chi Minh City, December 23, 2022], at the Elisa Floating restaurant in Ho Chi Minh City, Summary Conference – Year End Gala Dinner 2022 with the subject “Going out to sea” with the participation of the Board of Directors, customers, and all staff took place extremely solemnly and meaningfully.

Being a dynamic enterprise in a field that is becoming more and more competitive, such as the construction sector in Vietnam, ASBUILD is proud to deliver practical and sophisticated values to customer and society in order to build sophisticated products with the ultimate beneficiary in mind.

“General Directors Nguyen Phan Le Tuong spoke and shared his feeling in the Gala Dinner”

Year 2022 is known as a year full of challenges and changes for the building industry, ASBUILD not only overcame those challenges but also made excellent progress on its development route. The most notable accomplishment include revenue that exceed the set plan and increased by 5 times compared to 2021; personnel apparatus increased by 3 times; Class I Operational Capability Certificate, ISO 9001-2015 & 45001-2018 Certificate. This demonstrated the effectiveness of ASBUILD’s integrated management system.

The company’s Board of Directors along with customer, partners and all employees together took a look back at 2022 that represented an excellent progress and kept the momentum going for a more prosperous 2023 with the motto “Going out to sea..

“The company’s Board of Directors raises a glass in celebration with the client.”

“ASBUILD honors outstanding employees of the year 2022.”

Special “home- made” musical performances.

With a Cozy party

“Work hard, party harder, bring amazing gifts home”